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EMG Electromyography Laboratory

Electromyography is a diagnostic test which aims
is to check the electrical activity of muscles and nerves.


EMG test performed to determine whether one or diagnosis
of nerve or muscle is damaged. With EMG can be easily identified
state organs and the nervous system to find areas of skin.


Electromyography is an essential accessory for the study
diagnosing diseases of the peripheral nervous system and muscles.



NEUROMAG  leads at your resort Electromyography Laboratory,

that on-site survey conducted by EMG device.
We EMG both individual nerves, as well as
comprehensive tests on whole lot of nerves and muscles.



EMG study conducted by:

Maciej Gałszek

specialist neurologista and electromyography

license EMG nr 57


Jolanta Strzelecka

electromyography techniques



EMG studies are performed in addition:

Medcial Center Angelius Provita

Katowice, Fabryczna 13DStreet
Medical Center Paprocany

Tychy, Sikorskiego 101 Street



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