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EEG Electroencephalography Laboratory

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a diagnostic test of the brain take place
non-invasive method that is used to study the bioelectrical activity of the brain
using a device called electroencephalograph.


At the time of the study are to be arranged on the head of the test elektordy,
whose purpose is to record changes in electrical potential
on the skin surface skull. These changes are the result of activity
neurons of the cortex, and the corresponding reinforcing
have created a record - electroencephalogram.


EEG is performed for the diagnosis and diagnosis,
monitoring of neurological disorders such as::

  • epilepsy
  • sleep disorders
  • organic disease of the brain
  • poisoning neurotoxic substances
  • scertaining coma or brain death


We study electroencephalograph (EEG)
on site at our resort in Pszczyna.


EEG Laboratory

mgr Dominika Niemczyk


Registration: +48 697 708 516