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Centre for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Centre for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery NEUROMAG

is located in the center of Health-Resort Goczałkowice Zdrój.

We specialize in the treatment of pain syndromes
spondylometaphyseal-root using
modern techniques of minimally invasive surgery.





We are one of the first centers in Poland using
nucleoplasty laser. We have already done more than 1000 procedures.

PLDD (Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression), ie
Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression surgery is małoinwazyjny
neurosurgery, used in the treatment of back pain caused by
including discectomy, disease, degeneration of the intervertebral disc.


Advantages Nucleoplasty PLDD:

  • minimally invasive technique
  • local anesthesia
  • does not require cutting
  • leaves no scars
  • does not require hospitalization
  • fast recovery


Nucleoplasty PLDD performed under local anesthesia and
intravenous light. The drive is the needle with fiber
(under the strict control of the X-ray) and then by using a laser
Disc decompression is performed and thereby reduced
the pressure inside the drive.





It is currently one of the most modern surgical methods treatment

of spine disorders. Usually, it is recommended that patients suffering from
herniated disk. This procedure is completely safe and małoinwazyjny. We are
one of the first centers in the country carrying out treatments using Disc-FX.


 Nucleoplasty Disc-Fx is performed under local anesthesia, and
a light vein. The disc introduces a thin tube into a vein serving
as a working channel, and then the electrode that emits waves of frequency
radio causing shrinkage of nucleus pulposus.




Microdiscectomy is a modern and minimally invasive surgery to remove
herniated disk. It is used in sytacji when it is not possible to perform
surgery using an endoscope for technical or anatomical.
Mikrodyscektomia is a safe procedure because it does not affect the structure
nerve in the spine and the lower zdecydownie
way interfere with the osteoarticular system.


 Microdiscectomy treatment is carried out by means of the appropriate
speculum speculum and doing a small incision (about 2.5 mm).





This is a neurosurgical procedure performed by intervertebral discs.

It is a technique safe and non-invasive performed under general anesthesia.
In our center we Storz endoscopic surgery kit EASY GO
reaching back or set STORZ by Vogel reaching back.


This procedure consists in the introduction of the small incision to the spine
an endoscope with a camera with a light source. With Microtools
mass removed prolapsed disc.





Implants are used in the so-called distraction. This is a neurosurgical
procedure used in the case of significant congestion spine, resulting
in disks lose their cushioning. In our center we use distractors


This distraction consists in putting an implant between teenagers
spiky, thereby reducing the pressure on the nerve structure and
causing strain of the disc and facet joints. 

It is performed under general anesthesia.





Vertebroplasty technique has been used successfully in fractures
circles, especially against osteoporosis. It strengthens the broken vertebra

special bone cement, which significantly reduces the pain.

Vertebroplasty as a safe treatment for neurosurgery
may also be used for the removal of herniated spine.

The treatment consists in the introduction of the X-ray

control special bone cement (called PMMA) to a broken

vertebra. These strengthen the construction

of the spine or reduces pain.





Thermolesion is an innovative method of treatment for back pain,
when conservative treatment fails or there are clear contraindications
for surgery. This surgery involves sensory thermocoagulation
nerve endings. For this purpose the frequency of electric current
radio waves, through the action of which it is possible to combat chronic
pain within two adjacent nerve endings.


Thermolesion is the thermal damage to the nerve endings
the joints. This is done by using the Pulse radio frequency

(300-500 kHz). The temperature produced by the action

of the current at the end of the electrode is 70 degrees Celsius.
Exposure time is about 50 seconds. The treatment is fully safe,
because it is performed in the control rentgenu. It is characterized

by a highefficacy with minimal side effects..






Caudal Epidural Block Catheter


Treatment in our center is a one-day mode
or two days, after having qualified for surgery. Patient made
treatment usually after a few hours of rest is discharged home.
Then implement proper rehabilitation.